Having Trouble Collecting Email on Two Devices?

Perhaps you collect your email on both a computer & a mobile phone, or on two computers? And sometimes, one of other device complains that your user name or password are incorrect, even though they usually work fine & you haven’t changed anything?

The Problem:

This is probably caused by a combination of a very old, simple email technology, & your email application lying to you – let us explain:

Standard Internet mail uses a relatively old protocol called POP3 (which means Version 3 of the Post Office Protocol). It simply allows an email application such as Microsoft OutlookOutlook Express or Windows Mail to log in & retrieve any waiting messages. One of the limitations of the protocol is that it only allows one connection at a time, so if your computer is collecting your email, for example, then your mobile phone will be unable to do so.

Most email applications, including the usual Microsoft OutlookOutlook Express & Windows Mail, are not always honest with you. For example, if unable to log into your mailbox because it is already logged into, then rather than telling you this, it will simply prompt you for your user name & password, which leads you to believe that you have failed authentication.

Our Solution:

We simply have two mail servers available, & your email is automatically forwarded to each, so you can simply collect your messages from one on your computer & the other on your phone, that way the two never cause a conflict.

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