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Having Trouble Sending Email Using Orange Broadband?

If you use Orange’s Broadband service either at home or at work, then you may well be having problems sending outgoing email using SMTP.

The Problem – Orange Block Outgoing Email

When you send an email using your email application, for example Microsoft OutlookOutlook Express or Windows Mail, it uses a protocol called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP. Orange, in their infinite wisdom, block all SMTP traffic to any servers other than their own. This is fine if you use their email service, but if, like many people these days, you have an email address provided by someone other than your Internet service provider, then you won’t be able to send email from their broadband network.

The Solution – Outgoing Email Service for Orange Broadband Users

Our mail servers have been configured in such a way that we can get around the restrictions Orange have set up on their broadband network. This means you will be able to send email in the usual way without Orange blocking the traffic.

Laptop Users & Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

In some cases, Orange can be persuaded to allow their servers to accept your outgoing email, which they then forward on your behalf. However, this causes its own problems:

  • Laptop Users – If you use a laptop both at home or work where you have Orange broadband, & from other locations that use another Internet connection, and you’ve managed to persuade Orange to allow you to send your outgoing email through their servers, then you must reconfigure your email application each time you switch locations – quite simply, the settings that allow your outgoing email to be sent from within Orange’s network won’t work when on other networks!
    If you use our Outgoing Email Service, you can stick with one set of settings that will work from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – An excellent way to reduce the number of unauthorised emails that appear to have been sent from your domain is to set up Sender Policy Framework for your domain – this allows you to specify a list of mail servers authorised to send mail from your domain. It’s not a perfect solution, as it requires any recipients’ mail servers to be configured to check the SPF record for your domain when accepting messages, but it’s being implemented more and more as time goes by. However, if you have SPF set up on your domain, and you haven’t added all of Orange’s servers to the list, then all the email you send from within Orange’s network will appear to have had its sender address spoofed!
    If you use our Outgoing Email Service, we can ensure that our servers are properly authorised, ensuring that all your email passes all the checks.

If you’d like to discuss our Outgoing Email Service for Orange Broadband Users, then please get in touch using our Contact Us page.

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