Website Hosting

Whether we develop your website or not, we can host it for you on one of our dedicated servers. We run them using Windows Server software with Microsoft IISSQL ServerASPASP.Net, as well as PHPMySQL & Perl. So whatever technology your current website uses on the server, we have the capability of serving them to the world for you, and unusually, we offer free technical support – not only do we assist you with moving your site over to our hosting, but also being development, optimisation & marketing experts ourselves, we can also advise how best to increase the return on your investment in your website.

In addition, we can show you how you can monitor who looks at your site, where they came from, what they typed into search engines to get there, what software they use etc. etc. Again, we can use this information to analyse how well your website is working for your business, and how that can be improved.

So if you currently have a website you’re afraid to change, because the people who designed it charge a lot of money & the people who host it don’t offer any assistance, why not speak to us about moving your website to somewhere local, whom you can call on the phone, or pop in & visit, so you can be sure your business is benefiting from your website?