Content Managed Websites

Content Managed Websites are websites that can be updated using a content management system, typically accessed using a browser via a special Internet address or URL (or possibly using a piece of software running on your computer instead), rather than having to directly edit the code files that actually make up the site. This means that content editors & creators do not need the technical skills required for ‘traditional’ web development.

Popular content management systems include: Joomla!BloggerWordPress & DotNetNuke.

We build most of our clients’ websites using one of these platforms. This means we don’t have to waste time programming or developing code, as that’s already been done for us – we can therefore concentrate on the content, which is the most important component of a website. After all, the content is what the search engines look at when deciding how important your website is, & how relevant it is to what people are actually searching for, & of course it’s what people are actually looking for on the web.

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