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Eastbourne Websites Launched!

We have today launched a separate website for Eastbourne Websites, whereas previously we completed website work for clients under the Eastbourne IT banner. This enables us to focus each website more on its own area.

So remember:

As the famous meerkat says, “Simples”!

New EU Cookie Law – Is Your Website Compliant?

On 26th May 2011, the UK Government were one of the first in the European Union (EU) to implement the new EU Cookie Law, albeit with a twelve month grace period, which expired Saturday 26th May 2012!

What does this mean?

Well, if you own or run a website targeting citizens of the European Union, and this website tracks users in any way, for example by using cookies, then you need to ensure your website at least informs its visitors about how they are tracked.

Your website is likely to track users, probably using cookies, if any of the following statements are true: Continue reading

Having Trouble Collecting Email on Two Devices?

Perhaps you collect your email on both a computer & a mobile phone, or on two computers? And sometimes, one of other device complains that your user name or password are incorrect, even though they usually work fine & you haven’t changed anything?

The Problem:

This is probably caused by a combination of a very old, simple email technology, & your email application lying to you – let us explain: Continue reading

Having Trouble Sending Email Using Orange Broadband?

Eastbourne IT unveils its Outgoing Email Service for Orange Broadband Users, which allows Orange Broadband users to send email whilst avoiding Orange’s block on Outgoing Email. Continue reading

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Eastbourne IT is associated with Spice Web Design, who provide professional web development and related services to business & charities in and around the Eastbourne area, East Sussex.

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